Werdink & EX.E…Living Large!

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When Du’shon Ex Daniels CEO of Expressive Clothing llc decided that he was going to do a EX.E t-shirt brand he knew this brand had to be fresh and different.  The EX.E Jean set the trend bar so high that it took him months to come up with a line that could compete with the rest of the EX.E Brand. He spent months testing the market and giving away sample concept tees to celebs just to see what was worn most and what people just liked. After those months of testing he knows what shirts to mass produce. But once again he run into the problem of local factories not being able to produce the shirts just like what happened with the jeans. “This time i didn’t have to look!” says Daniels
WERDINK is a fast pase Brooklyn NY printing company that Dushon Ex Daniels used a few years ago that helped him to create his “Bird Wing Jean”. They some how found away to screen print perfectly across the crotch of a already constructed  pair of jeans, witch is nearly impossible to do for most printing companies. But Werdink never says never so they found a way to make it work. Just like they found away to bring this unique expressive t-shirt brand from EX.E to life! It took some time for Dushon Ex Daniels and Werdink to get on the same page since Dushon is in Miami working on his movie (Bruthaz Keeper) and couldn’t fly to Brooklyn to work with them in person. But after days of emailing and 2 hour long phone calls this project is almost done!!!
This is the first printing run of the New EX.E Luxury T-shirt Brand soon to be sold at: http://www.expression06evolution.bigcartel.com/
GREAT UNMATCHED PRINTING WORK AT http://www.werdink.com/
Werdink 20 meadow St. Brooklyn NY 11206 (917) 204-2976

Werdink / Ninja Pyrate Interview w/ Brooklyn-spaces.com

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Even though I live about ten minutes away from them, I’d never heard of Werdink or Ninja Pyrate. And maybe you haven’t either—but believe me, that’s going to change. They’ve got  an amazing hybrid space, encompassing a high-end screenprinting studio, a boutique shop selling apparel and skateboards (all printed onsite), a multipurpose event space with a rubber floor and an aerial rig, a DJ setup, and a recording studio in a pirate ship. A pirate ship. And they’re really eager to open the space up to the community, to see what people can do with it.

Who are these amazing people? Matthew is the Werdink screenprinter, and his sister Krisstina and her boyfriend Jeff are still figuring out more amazing ways to use the Ninja Pyrate space. Plus they’re all well connected to the crazy Brooklyn creatives: Werdink did a screenprinting truck for the first three Lost Horizon Night Markets and shares tips with Bushwick Print Lab; Krisstina pals around with one of the girls from House of Yes who started Make Fun; their space is literally downstairs from Shea Stadium.
brooklyn spaces: Okay, tell me about Werdink.

Matthew: It’s a screenprinting studio and retail shop, based on high-end development for independent fashion and artists. I work with people who are looking to broaden their horizons, make their stuff bigger. I take my time with my clientele, and I build relationships with them and bond with them and become part of their creative process. I’ve been doing this for years, and I do a wide range of printmaking, so I have a lot to offer. It’s not just making t-shirts; I also do tip-to-tail skateboard printing, and lots of other things. I spent a period of my life working with high-end, bigger names and brands, and I want to be able to give more independent people that same experience.

brooklyn spaces: Who are some people you’re really excited to be working with?

Matthew: My friend Ian Hurst, he has a company called 333Theory, and we’ve been working together for three years now, developing his line. Right now we’re making a bunch of t-shirts, but the t-shirts are a side project for his graphic novels, which are coming out later. There’s Connie Wang, from Iconartistry, who I got to know through Ad Hoc Art. She worked with me here for a few years and has since moved on to start her own print studio. There’s Hannah, she interns here, she’s started a brand called Helplessly Happy. There’s Hull, they’re a metal band, they were actually my first intense project in this space. A lot of those guys work at the Anchored Inn around the corner—we love that place, it’s awesome, everybody should go there and drink. Our friend Tara McManus has a company called 3rd Earth Designs, she has some stuff in my boutique and is always expanding her line. It’s hard to pick favorites, I love everyone I work with.

brooklyn spaces: Okay, so let’s switch to Ninja Pyrate. You guys are doing a bunch of different things in here, right?

Jeff: Yeah, we have a lot of interesting hobbies, so we’re trying to do as much as we can. We want to do different yoga classes, like dubstep yoga, costume yoga, pirate yoga. We have a friend who wants to teach capoeira, and we have an aerial rig. On top of that, we have a lot of friends who spin fire, so we’re going to do some poi and spinning classes, and we’re working on making new kinds of fire-spinning tools.

Krisstina: And also stuff like craft nights, clothing swaps with live screenprinting, skill-building workshops, movie nights.
Matthew: We did a release party for a book I helped work on, Gutterfish, with some people reading poetry and a couple of DJs. We’re also planning to put in a little tea and coffee bar.

Jeff: And the space isn’t just for us. We’re going to have an open house soon, because I want to get people imagining, coming up with ways they could use the space.

Matthew: We’re starting to finish up the projects on the inside, so now I’m thinking about the outside. I want to do a party to get some graffiti up on the wall outside.

brooklyn spaces: The landlords don’t mind?

Matthew: The landlords are so cool! I walk over there and I’m like, “Hey, I know you just spent thousands of dollars putting in this new sidewalk last year, but is it cool if I have the city come tear it up and put in some trees?” And they’re like, “It’s you’re place, do whatever you want. You want trees, get some trees.”

brooklyn spaces: Whose is the recording studio? Is that Ninja Pyrate?

Krisstina: Yeah, I do music recording. And our band, Yar, uses it.

brooklyn spaces: And why a pirate ship?

Krisstina: The pirate ship is all found wood. I found it in the hallway of my apartment. I almost walked past it, because, you know, bedbugs. But then I was like, “Wait a minute! I’m a pirate, those are skeletons, this was meant to be.” I called Jeff and said, “Honey, I got you a present from the garbage.”

Jeff: It was the best present I’ve ever gotten.

Matthew: About 80 percent of this place was built with recycled materials. Everything in the boutique is reused. Build It Green is freaking rad. I can’t go there without wanting to spend hundreds of dollars.

Jeff: Krisstina really wanted a playground floor, and I was like “We’re never going to find that.”

Krisstina: And then one of the times we were at Build It Green, I was like “You wouldn’t happen to have rubber flooring here, would you?” And they totally did. We had to dig it out from under the snow in the back parking lot. It was filthy.

brooklyn spaces: Do you think places like this are what’s making Brooklyn what it is right now? Or is Brooklyn like this, and people come and find their place here?

Matthew: That’s a good question. I think it’s a bit of both. As soon as I came to this neighborhood, I was like, “This is where I belong.” I never want to leave Brooklyn.

Krisstina: In Brooklyn there are so many creative people who are really motivated, and who all want to share tips and ideas. It helps to pool your resources; you never know how far you can go when you do that. Space is rare in New York, and expensive, so people have to come together to make it work. And people in the Bushwick area are so supportive. People make an effort to check out what you’re doing and help you with it.

Jeff: I love our friends in Brooklyn, and even people who don’t have this sort of space know we’re here, so if they need somewhere to spread out and do something, they can come to us. We’ve got a lot of creative friends who need more space to be loud, and this is a place they can do that. We’re just trying to help people get together and do things.

[all photos in this post by Alix Piorun]

Werdink Pop-Up Shop Presents: GutterFish a Book By Edaurdo Jones with illustrations by Nicholas Rocco

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JUNE 18th 6 pm

 Come join us at Werdink’s Pop-up Shop for
 Edaurdo Jones “Gutterfish” with Illustrations by Nicholas Rocco
Live Muisc by: Slim Rockwell & DJ Drastic,
  Poetry Readings by- Murphy Clamrod-Jack Shaw-
Christian Alvarez – Cornelius Bent

On-Site Screen Printing  & Signed limited Edition Prints
of Select book images






werdink POP-UP shop grand opening party!!

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Feat. werks by:



333 theroy

Dirty Empire

Helplessly Happy

The Handiwork of  Silvio Manuel

3rd Earth Designs

Panoptic press

Beats by:

Barney Illr

DJ $mall¢hange

Eighty Deez

DJ Slim Rockwell

Supa Dav Haze

The Bottom Dollars

and more TBA!

Video by:

Fuzzy Bastard

Hosted at:

werdink HQ (1st fl) & Shea Stadium (2nd fl)

Wen. Dec 15th 6pm – 1pm

Werdink Promo by Sean Desmond & Medicine Agency

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WERDINK from Medicine Agency on Vimeo.

Bushwick Print Lab & Hobotech’s 1yr old

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Amazing party…!! our crew is getting better and better and better and better! Panoptic Press, IconArtistry, Brains on Fire, werdink, Hannah Schultz, The trio of doom  grows beyond it’s own control..!!  The print madness continues…

Medicine Agency & TOTT video w/ Ron English, werdink & more..

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The TOTT team recently took a trip to the Big Apple to hang out with TOTT artist, Ron English. While there we had a chance to roll some cee-lo at the Frank 151 offices with U-God, get a chop and shave with Mr. Bee at Frank’s Chop Shop, buy some furniture in the rain with Mikal Hameed in Williamsburg, and do some screen printing over at the WerdInk facilities in Brooklyn. Nas provided a very fitting soundtrack to the trip.

Prints by werdink, Image by Sean Desmond


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225 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013

The store opens this Friday November 27th at Noon EST. Come through. Fully stocked with 4Star, Skate Mental, King Stampede, Mishka, 10Deep, Nike SB and so much more.

Make sure you RSVP for the Grand Opening Party on Wednesday Nov. 25th at Filli Ponte Restaurant in TriBeCa. We are closing it down for an EPIC Celebration. More Info here.

All photos shot by Kellen


Lost horizon Night Market

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This was an amazing event that werdink, panoptic press & brains on fire got down on last weekend. 12 box trucks all in a line parked on a small back street in dumbo with 12 different installment in the back of the trucks. The event’s location wasn’t even announced until just hours before we parked and set up shop. We of course set-up a live printing shop, and printed 10$ shirts freestyle place and print collages, We Also had gear and decks from werdink, 3dstar, Brains on fire, 333 Theory, Bishop 203, Ape 2 Android and Panoptic Press. For those who missed out ….keep your ears open another one will pop up very soon
outside the truck



night 1




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Anunakai – werdink apparel design worn by Broke MC